Fertility Board Certification

Board Certified

In order to become board certified as a fertility specialist one must have successfully completed:

  • Advanced education and training in reproductive medicine
  • A minimum of 2 years spent in the clinical practice of fertility acupuncture
  • A day-long board exam

You can learn more about ABORM on the website:  https://aborm.org

Why work with a board certified reproductive acupuncturist?

  • We use evidenced based care
  • Peace of mind knowing you are working with a well-qualified and experienced practitioner in both eastern and western reproductive medicine
  • Receive help with all aspects of health relevant to reproductive medicine, including stress management
  • Collaboration with your physician to ensure you receive the best care possible
Newborn baby with mother

ABORM American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Margo Bachman is a fertility specialist by the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine or ABORM.