Congratulations and welcome to the magical world of pregnancy!

Pregnancy is an extraordinary time of transformation and a profound rite of passage that requires special care and guidance. Dr. Margo brings a unique perspective to working with pregnant women. She is the author of Yoga Mama Yoga Baby; Ayurveda and Yoga for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth. This book grew out of her extensive experience immersed in the world of pregnancy, while going through her own pregnancies.

Dr. Margo uses acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, yoga and meditation to help women experience pregnancy in excellent health. These holistic, natural methods can also help a woman prepare for labor, birth, postpartum, and alleviate numerous common ailments such as:

  • Morning sickness
  • Back pain and sciatica
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Insomnia
  • Edema
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive problems, such as constipation, heartburn, and indigestion

Dr. Margo treasures supporting your pregnancy and helping you enjoy the magic of pregnancy.

“Working with Margo was one of the best decisions that I made during my pregnancy. She provided me with the nourishing support I needed. Her recommendations were practical, helpful, and I was able to easily incorporate them into my daily routine.”
– E.G.

Is Acupuncture Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, acupuncture is safe during pregnancy as long as it’s performed by a qualified, experienced, and licensed acupuncturist. It can safely treat many common ailments such as those listed above.

Come to Wild Rose Medicine at our Louisville, CO office for acupuncture treatments during pregnancy or contact us if you are out of the area and looking for telemedicine holistic pregnancy support.

Miscarriage and Repeat Pregnancy Loss (RPL)

Anyone who has suffered from one or more miscarriages knows how challenging and heartbreaking this can be. Dr. Margo takes a deeply supportive and comprehensive approach to RPL to help determine potential causes and how to prevent them in the future so you may have a healthy full term pregnancy.

Preparing for Labor, Induction and Turning Breech Babies

Regular acupuncture treatments in the weeks leading up to birth can result in shorter labor times, fewer complications and a decreased need for medical intervention and emergency c-sections.  During these appointments, we prepare your mind and body for labor. We typically recommend once or twice a week acupuncture treatments starting at week 36 to help soften and ripen the cervix, calm the mind, reduce pain and open the channels for a smooth labor.

Acupuncture can help induce birth, assist with a stalled labor, and is beneficial to help turn a breech baby (with an adjunct therapy called moxibustion). Research shows that weeks 34-35 is the optimal time to turn a breech baby with acupuncture and moxa.

“I used acupuncture to help with my labor that was not progressing.  I was stuck at 3 cm for hours until I received an acupuncture treatment, which helped to relax my body, open the channels and helped my labor progress.” S.B.

“I believe that receiving regular acupuncture treatments at the end of my pregnancy was an important piece of my wellness and helped me have a smooth, easy and fast birth.” M.R.

“Dr. Margo, Great news… baby flipped! Thanks for all your help!” L.H.

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